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“God made only water, but man made wine.”


~ Victor Hugo ~


Digitally enhanced image created from a photo called “Black Hole Event Horizon” taken sometime in early 2001.

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“One more stage, one more limo,
one more run for your life…”


~ John Lennon ~


000-fabOriginal scan of an early fan’s autograph book clipping (signed by all four Beatles) of a photo taken on December 15th 1962 and published in Mersey Beat in January 1963. The Beatles are at the Majestic Ballroom in Birkenhead as Bill Harry presents them with The Mersey Beat Poll Winner’s Award. The photo was taken by Graham Spencer, © Bill Harry. From my personal collection.

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As is being widely celebrated and publicized, fifty years ago today the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan’s television show and thus opened up the flood gates of Beatlemania in an America still mourning the assassination of John F. Kennedy and open for something new and positive to replace the shadows of that past November. I didn’t get to see their première on the Sullivan Show because in February of 1964 I was still living with my parents in Stuttgart, Germany, where my father was stationed with the U.S. Army. In those days there was no Armed Forces American television network in Germany, only a radio service, so I missed seeing their American debut. But I had already heard of the Beatles several months before they had ever been heard about in the States. Their first appearance on a record, “My Bonnie” b/w “The Saints” (credited to Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers), was released in Germany in October 1961. I first heard the song there sometime in mid 1963 and by the time they hit it big in the United States I was well aware of their early recordings and of their success in England. When I returned to America in June 1964, the ball had been set rolling and Beatlemania was in full gear.

I doubt that few of the people who first viewed that show on February 9th 1964 would have thought that 50 years later it would be feted and remember as such a water mark in musical history. But the fact remains that, while Presidents, world leaders, politicians, Popes, actors, wars, countless bands, musicians and many music styles have come and gone in the half century since, the music of the Fab Four has remained, as vibrant and innovative today as it was then. The Beatles began a change in the world of music that opened the doors, or perhaps floodgates is a better word, to all that has found fruit since. They changed the world of contemporary music forever, and for the better. It is interesting to ponder the thought of where we would be today had they not come along when they did. But history isn’t made of “what ifs,” only of “what was.” Their legacy, whether you liked or like them or not, will stretch well on into the future because their energy, creativity and insight, their development and evolution as musicians, songwriters and performers changed the whole realm of Western music. And though there have been many new and innovative changes in musical direction since, nothing can compare to the shaking they gave to the foundations of world of music. I join, with the rest of he world in celebrating and honouring their moment of success and triumph on this day all those many years ago.

I was fortunate in that I did eventually get to see them in concert on their last tour in August of 1966. No one but perhaps they themselves knew that an era was ending at that time. Along with tens of thousands of screaming fans I saw them perform on August 15th 1966 in D.C Stadium in our nation’s capital. It was one of those moments that has become a special benchmark in my passage through life, like my working at the Woodstock Festival, one of many moments to look back upon and remember with the satisfaction that I was indeed, albeit just a small one, a part of it all…


A photo I took of the Beatles performing in D.C. Stadium on August 15th 1966. The shiny things are the reflections of their mike stands, Paul, George and John are standing next to them as small gray-brown figures, with Ringo on a riser behind his drum kit in the back.


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