“Every human endeavor, however singular it seems,
involves the whole human race.”


~ Jean-Paul Sartre ~


Digitally enhanced image created from a photo taken in the Aegean Sea between Thera (Santorini) and Crete in October 1992.

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One thought on “TETHYS

  1. Originally Tethys was the Greek goddess of the sources fresh water, which nourished the earth. The wife of Okeanos, who was the fresh-water stream that encircled the Earth; she was also the mother of the Potamoi (Rivers), the Okeanides (Springs, Streams and Fountains) and the mother of the Nephelai (Clouds). It was thought that she nourished her children’s streams by drawing water from Okeanos through subterranean aquifers. Her name was derived from the Greek word têthê, which meant “the nurse” or “grandmother.”

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