“The earth is not a mere fragment of dead history,
stratum upon stratum like the leaves of a book,
to be studied by geologists and antiquaries chiefly,
but living poetry like the leaves of a tree,
which precede flowers and fruit ~
not a fossil earth, but a living earth;
compared with whose great central life
all animal and vegetable life is merely parasitic.”


~ Henry David Thoreau ~


Digitally enhanced image created from an original photo of fossil Orthoceras taken in September 2019.

© 2019 nightpoet all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “FENÊTRE

  1. Oh doch: in den Massengräbern der Geschichte werden sicherlich Knochen gefunden werden.

    • Nach ein oder zwei tausend Jahre, ja. Sowas habe ich schon ausgegraben wenn ich tätig war als Grabungstechniker. Aber hier meine ich ein paar Millionen Jahre und da glaube ich das nicht sehr viel üblich bleiben wurde…

  2. “It isn’t easy to become a fossil. Only about one bone in a billion, it is thought, becomes fossilized. If that is so, it means that the complete fossil legacy of all the Americans alive today – that’s 270 million people with 206 bones each – will only be about 50 bones, one-quarter of a complete skeleton. That’s not to say, of course, that any of these bones will ever actually be found.” ~ Bill Bryson

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