“Oblivion carries me on his shoulder…”


~ Tim Buckley ~


Digitally enhanced image created from an original photo taken in March 2019.

© 2019 nightpoet all rights reserved

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12 thoughts on “CHARON’S OBOL

  1. Loved Tim Buckley. And his son. Always a journey of beautiful with you my friend

    • Always a beautiful journey with you Candice, as it was with Tim and Jeff, both of whom I was fortunate enough to see perform and talk to in the 70’s and in the 90’s…

      • A friend of mine was best friends with Tim and I heard he was an incredible person. I feel so sad they both left this world early – such talent. So glad you appreciate them still

      • Yes, I discovered Tim in 1968. I saw him at the Cellar Door in Washington D.C. In 1972. I talked to him during after the first show and he let me stay for the second show. A beautiful human being, troubled because he was never able to break through to a more deserved success, but an incredibly innovative musician. When Jeff toured through Germany in 1995 I met him in Frankfurt at the Südbahnhof concert and talked to him a while about his music, and, although at that time he still hadn’t yet made his peace with the memory of his father, we talked about Tim’s music too. Two amazing talents who left us far too early…

      • AMAZING story! I LOVE your stories my talented friend. I adore you. You are the perfect mix of compassionate, interesting, intellectual, free-spirit and deep soul. So many of the best artists and musicians have that issue, the fake ones seem to do best.

      • Thank you Candice. I certainly can say the same of you. For you too are a perfect combination of all the qualities that make a beautiful talented loving human being. I am always honoured by and grateful for your friendship…

      • WE are bonded. This I know.

      • Yes, somehow over space and time…for this I am very grateful…

      • Maybe we knew each other in another life, something I know has bonded us in a deep way.

      • Sometimes there are no obvious explanations. Sometimes we live within one another because we simply belong there. Sometimes we need no explanations or reasons, we just know and feel…

      • How true. I find it fascinating and impossible to truly understand, the laws of attraction, be it compelled to friendship, love, there are just interesting reasons why some times you can meet a 100 people and feel nothing and then BAM! So your answer about our just belonging. I really like that.

      • Though I am not much of a mystical or spiritual individual, I have found that throughout my life there is often a deeper reason to our attraction to certain people. As one walks along the path of their life people often cross that path and there is that unexplainable attraction that is immediately discernible. One shares, one learns, one feels a special bond, and sometimes there opens that special magical portal of deeper emotional feeling and love. Occasionally we have the fortune to walk along that path with someone for a long time, feeling, learning, and loving. Other encounters are brief, but no less deep and rich in the experience shared. Through all these special interactions there is always a deep immersion in the spirit and soul of such a relationship. And always an opportunity to learn and expand one’s perspectives. This kind of bonding is one of the things that makes life so beautiful. I no longer try to understand why this sort of thing happens, I just try to move with the flow…

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