“All great and precious things are lonely.”


~ John Steinbeck ~


Digitally enhanced image created from an original photo taken in Paris in June 2018.

© 2018 nightpoet all rights reserved

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23 thoughts on “LONELY STREET

  1. A lot of men are afraid of their emotions, afraid to express them, to feel them. Rare is the man who embraces his emotions and truly understands those of his partner. Women love emotionally first. They love deeply, on another level. For them sex is the cream on top of those emotions. Men like sex and confuse it with love because it gives easy and instant gratification. They don’t have to think about it very long and mistakenly believe that women think the same way. Only they don’t. I have always thought it rather sad that men have such great difficulty understanding what love really embodies. Sure poets, writers, artists and musicians throughout history have comprehended the meaning of real love and sought to define it, but they are the exceptions. You are so right, love is so rare, so delicate. Sex is wonderful, few would dispute that, but combined with a deep and lasting love, the whole range of emotion morphs into another dimension of feeling for which there is no comparison. Yes, love, true deep love is one of life’s most precious treasures…

  2. karenhermann

    Also, Nightpoet, I do like that photo!!! It remains me of the street to my apartment at the Passage de la Main d’Or on my last visit to Paris.

    • When were you last here?

      • karenhermann

        For a month in September 2014. I went the first time in 2007 (solo on a out-of-the-blue impulse), fell totally in love with the city, and happily lived a highly austere life back here to be able to return every year, or at least every two until I lost my last job just before the 2014 trip. I have my sights on 2019 — somehow — come hell or high water. 🙂

      • Go for it…it is never a mistake to spend time in Paris…I have been coming here once or twice a year since 2007. And I will be back…do you write?

      • karenhermann

        Do I write? Not publicly, just in my journals. 🙂 Photography, more than anything. I don’t even have a blog, nothing on my WordPress page, because I’m not sure I have anything to say that hasn’t been said by others better.

      • Karen, each of us is unique. No one else has our imagination or perspective. In just being who you are, in your observations, through your photos and in your journals you have something special to say. As far as others saying it better, one builds upon the legacy of the past, upon what has been already been expressed; the challenge is to try to say things, to see things from a different perspective. Your journals are like the rough drafts of your creativity. Turn them and what you capture visually into art. Let the seed grow of your creativity grow. Just from your words here, I think that you have appreciation for life and love that you can express in your own way. Go for it. Surprise us all and yourself…😉

      • karenhermann

        Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  3. karenhermann

    Beautiful verse!!!

  4. I read this then I read the Bertrand Russell quote too. Love is definitely far more than a desire for sex. It is an escape from that hole within us that is aching to be filled but not with sex, by love and thus, an end to loneliness. I couldn’t agree more. Funny how the two are often confused, I can see why really but at the same time that is half the mistake. Sometimes we think sex will fill us the way we want to be filled because love seems impossible to keep/find and that is very sad.

    • Sex satisfies lust, passion and desire. Love satiates the heart, emotions and spirit. Unfortunately some people never comprehend the difference…

      • Well said. I think it’s because they don’t take the time to discover love, they only want the obvious, the immediate, the easy. Love may be easy to feel but it’s not easy to sustain and it takes work, that’s not a bad thing, but for most, if they can’t get it easily they won’t bother. Love is rarer than we realize, we bandy the words around a lot but the truth of it is rare.

      • karenhermann

        Yes. As TheFeatheredSleep said, love is the rarer of the two. Sex is temporary, can be superficial, a temporary escape in a sense, and can leave one lonelier than they started off being. Love is what fills the loneliness and more likely to stay with one “throughout the greater part of their lives.” When we find it, we work to hang on to it. I think of it as less of an escape from something than a destination.

      • That hanging on can be so difficult sometimes…

  5. Then we all must be great… unique perspective on loneliness…

  6. “Love is something far more than desire for sexual intercourse; it is the principal means of escape from the loneliness which afflicts most men and women throughout the greater part of their lives.” ~ Bertrand Russell

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