In many older versions of Indo-European languages
(Sanskrit, German and Gothic),
as well as Babylonian and other dialects from the Middle East,
the word for the moon is always masculine
and the word for the sun always feminine.
The confusing part is that the Sanskrit-related languages
(Latin, Greek, French, Italian, Portuguese)
have always defined the sun as male, and the moon as female.



000-luna-fellareDigital art “Satiation” created in December 2016.

© 2016 nightpoet all rights reserved

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One thought on “LUNA FELLARE

  1. “Sensuality isn’t worth a hair more than spirituality, and it’s the same the other way around. It’s all one, everything is equally good. Whether you embrace a woman or make a poem, it’s the same. So long as the main thing is there, the love, the burning, the emotion, it doesn’t matter whether you are a monk on Mount Athos or a man about town in Paris.” ~ Hermann Hesse

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