“To be free.
Such a thing would be greater than all
the magic and all the treasures in all the world.”


~ Robin Williams ~


000-djinniDigitally enhanced image created from an original photo of a 1,850 year old blue glass Roman wine decanter taken in Mainz, Germany in July 1987. The excavator’s reflection can be seen on the glass surface of the bottle.

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One thought on “DJINNI

  1. “The Genie declared that in his time and place there were scientists of the passions who maintained that language itself, on the one hand, originated in ‘infantile pregenital erotic exuberance, polymorphously perverse,’ and that conscious attention, on the other, was a ‘libidinal hypercathexis’ – by which magic phrases they seemed to mean that writing and reading, or telling and listening, were literally ways of making love.” ~ John Barth

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