Breakfast August 1 2015

Good morning and welcome once again to another edition of Breakfast On The Blog. Actually, yesterday’s post was supposed to be today’s and today’s was supposed to be yesterday’s. Confused? Apparently I was…




This sequence of scenes on a shop front in the Rue de l’Arbalète in the 5th arrondissement in Paris is one incredible piece of street art. I include here a view of the complete panel, and then, moving from left to right, five detail photos..


Arabalète 1The complete panel.

Arabalète 2The first detailed view. I would have loved to have seen the artist create this.

Arabalète 3The detail is incredible. Note the birds in the tree.

Arabalète 4The lines are simple yet detailed and refined. The background colour provided by the shop wall adds to the total effect.

Arabalète 5There is just so much movement here, so much going on.

Arabalète 6The text at the bottom right hand corner, La rue est une galarie d’art en plein air! (the street is an open-air art gallery!) sums it up nicely.

All photos taken in the Rue de l’Arbalète in the 5th arrondissement in Paris in May 2015.


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