Letterboxes seem to have a certain appeal for street artists. Their use by many people every day, their strategic placement where they can be easily seen and their design and form would seem to make them ideal canvases for artistic expression.  A little less than a month ago I posted an example of a Parisian letterbox that, with a few quick consciously placed lines, was given a face. While out on a photo assignment this morning, I came across this German letterbox that was also, with a few simple lines, provided with a face. Art is everywhere…


My previous post can be seen here:


Happy PostboxPhoto taken in Mainz, Germany in July 2015.


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4 thoughts on “THE HAPPY LETTERBOX

  1. Zyriacus

    In regard of the (now luckily finished) strike of the postmen, I see no happy face in this graffito. Mark that only the upper (downcurved) part of the Deutsche Post logo is contained in the head.

    • Ah yes, but you have failed to take into account that inside the circle of the logo a smile is drawn.The line of the smile does not continue through on the left hand side, so it is not part of the outline of the head, but a true smile. The logo itself could be seen, not as a frown, but as a mustache and beard…

      • Zyriacus

        Ok, seems you are right. Nonetheless this is a lovely piece of minimal art and thanks to you to have it found and posted. However after over a fortnight without a scrap of mail I find it hard to keep smiling about Deutsche Bundespost.

      • Not having seen any mail in over a week myself, I can certainly understand where you’re coming from. Supposedly things will be getting back to normal starting Tuesday…

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