Today, if you didn’t know it, is National Éclair Day. First created in the 1860’s, éclairs have remained a favourite ever since. And when I think of Paris, I think of delicious chocolate éclairs. The word éclair in French actually means lightning, but why these delicious treats are called that no one really knows. The dough, called choux, is delicately baked to create a hollow interior, which is then injected with a creamy pudding-like filling. Then an icing is spread on top. Some patisseries bake a solid type of choux and then cut it in half and put the filling on it, but that’s cheating and shouldn’t be considered a true éclair. Although everyone has their favourite boulangerie or patisserie, there are two places I frequent in Paris that have, in my humble opinion, the best chocolate éclairs.  One is on the Île Saint-Louis, called Boulangerie Martin on the Rue Saint-Louis en I’lle, and the other is located around the corner from Le Dôme Café on the Rue Delambre and I believe that it is called Maison Buret. At any rate it is right next door to Paradise Shoes. So, celebrate National Éclair Day and indulge in a few today. It’s almost better than sex…

000 éclairsPhoto taken in Paris in May 2012.


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