Celebrated every June 16th, Bloomsday has become not only a celebration of James Joyce’s Ulysses, but of his life.  If you think that Ulysses is hard to read, try Finnegans Wake. It’s like Gertrude Stein on acid and crystal meth. But if you listen to Joyce reading his own work, his experimental use of language suddenly becomes very understandable. Maybe it has something to do with his Irish brogue. There will be many readings of Ulysses and other of Joyce’s works today all over the world, but no one can read them like the master himself. You can listen to him reading a section of Anna Livia Plurabelle from Finnegans Wake on the link below:



000 BloomsdayAn album released by the James Joyce Society on Folkways Records from 1951 that contains a track of Joyce reading from Anna Livia Plurabelle.

000 Joyce SigThe title and  copyright pages of a specially issued edition of Anna Livia Plurabelle published in 1928, signed by James Joyce. From my personal archives.


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