Yesterday I posted a photo taken on the Pont de la Tournelle. It was the sculpted mask of a man’s face placed upon the base of the statue of Sainte Genevieve. On my visit to Paris this time I discovered numerous examples of a kind of street art that I hadn’t seen much of before, three dimensional objects attached to walls. Today I offer another one of my “finds,” a colourful breast upon a wall in the Marais district near the Place Vosges that is signed with the name Intra.

A quick search revealed some information about the artist, a young lady named Intra Larue. The following quote is from an article written by Meredith Shanoski  on the website Underground-Paris:

“French street artist Intra Larue started casting plaster sculptures from her breasts as a joke. She works a day-job and hasn’t told her father about the endeavour yet, which is surprising because with 450 painted breasts and counting, her sculptures are slowly giving flecks of color to a gray Paris. Intra Larue’s process is a meditation on fragility, freedom, and colour. She draws on inspiration from her quotidian—old typography books, Art nouveau, and fingernails—but revels most in finding the right corners for her work, for which she has curated an eye. Boulevards are out, as are most low spaces, so she climbs— rubbish bins, poles, pipes, ladders—anything to allow the sculptures to be seen and not touched. Intra Larue cast the first sets of breasts with the strongest, most durable plaster, but after the majority of her initial installations were stolen or dismantled, she shifted to using a more delicate plaster. As they are nearly impossible to steal without destroying, the fragility of her breasts protects their integrity.”

I shall be posting some more examples of this kind of street artwork over the next few weeks. More information can be found here and on her Facebook page:

000 Teat 1A close up of one of Intra Larue’s works of street art, one of her plaster breasts.

000 Teat 2Posted high above the street Ms, Larue’s colourful plaster breast stands out against the bland wall.

Photos taken in the Marais district of Paris in May 2015.


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