Two weeks of non-stop indulgence and total immersion in Parisian life and culture is now sadly drawing to a close. This time around I had no major literary research project on my agenda, so I just kicked back and enjoyed whatever Paris placed before me, which was almost always excellent food, fine wines, bundles of chocolate éclairs, rich chocolate tarts, delicious chicken curry baguette sandwiches for picnics in the parks and crispy croissants with café crèmes for breakfast. The Parisians were, as they always have been to me, friendly, accommodating and pleasant, without losing the bite of their intrinsic Frenchness. And I won’t even go into all the beautiful women and handsome men one passes when walking on the Rues and Boulevards here. And as far as getting by, my pathetic petit few words of French always brought smiles and then an amiable response in English. But making that small extra effort, something so many visitors to Paris fail to do, makes all the difference. A simple merci, a appropriate S’il vous plait, an amiable Bonjour always seem to work wonders.

Riding on a bus today through one of the right bank neighbourhoods in the 3rd arrondissement, after a long walk along the Paris Canal (yes, Paris has a canal), I spied a humongous flea market that stretched for blocks along the crowded sidewalks. Stand after stand filled with tables of antiques, art, glasses and all sorts of tableware, jewelry, toys, clothing, furniture and just tons of junk. Everything from Anvils to Zoological specimens. An amazing assortment of everything under the sun that people are no longer interested in using, with prices from a few cents to many hundreds of Euros. It took me some two hours of quick browsing just to walk along the two main streets and through the numerous side streets where the hundreds of stands had been erected. It was a mind-boggling assault on the visual senses. And, of course, a wonderful way to spend part of my last day in the City Of Light.

000 Flea Market 1The flea market stretched for blocks filled with all sorts of incredible items.

000 Flea Market 2Hunting trophies and antique wallpaper, along with numerous chairs , could be purchased at this stand.

000 Flea Market 3Original artwork was also on display for sale, your chance to discover a long-lost Renoir or Picasso.

000 Flea Market 4Some pretty strange stuff was also on display. Like, everyone needs a golden skull with a jeweled diadem-like covering.

000 Flea Market 5Along with a box of door-less keys there was even vintage wine for sale. The large bottle to the right was dated 1962.

All photos taken in Paris in May 2015.


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  1. I totally enjoyed this trip with you…thanks!

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