After opening in Bordeaux in 2012, and then moving on to Chicago and Houston in 2013 and 2014, Montreal in 2014 and Brussels in 2014 and 2015, the Lascaux exhibit has now come to Paris. From May 20th until August 30th 2015 the exhibit can be seen at the Parc des Expositions at 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles. The presentation is well thought out and very informative, with the information in both English and French. It will be moving on to Geneva, Korea and Japan in 2016 and 2017.

Last year I posted a blog about my personal experiences, both in the original cave in 1961 and in Lascaux II in 1985 and 2006 (see An Archaeological Moment – Lascaux).


This new presentation plays down previous assessments of ongoing damage to the paintings (addressed in my post) and claims that the environment within the cave, though still extremely fragile, has stabilized. Given their past record of mismanagement and blunders I remain skeptical about the health of the art work. But that aside, the exhibition is well worth seeing if you get the chance.


000 Lascaux 2A Cro-Magnon woman paints the face of a child. One of the realistic reconstructions in the Lascaux exhibit.

000 Lascaux 1A reproduction in the Lascaux Exhibition of the Scene in the Shaft, a mysterious painting and the only human figure found among the paintings at Lascaux.

Both photos taken at the Lascaux Exhibit in Paris in May 2015.


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