And fill it he did.

On my visit to Paris last summer I posted a blog about the Picasso Museum and how I hadn’t been able to visit it for the past few years because it was always closed for renovations. (see my blog The Paris Journal – IX : https://nitepoetry.wordpress.com/2014/07/20/the-paris-journal-xi/) Well, today I finally visited the newly opened museum and I must say that I found it to be an incredible experience. The building has been thoroughly renovated from top to bottom. The displays of Picasso’s many different types of works were excellently presented through some five floors of well-spaced and artfully lighted rooms. And although there were a good number of visitors, one never had to struggle through hordes of viewers to see the paintings and sculptures. Security consisted of a quick backpack check (note that one does have to check their backpack for the duration of the visit at the “coat” check counter, but there is no fee charged). The best thing is that photography is allowed (without a flash). I spent over two hours leisurely browsing through the museum and was able to view every work displayed and take numerous photos. For the true Picasso aficionado it is a must and for the casual curious visitor it is a wonderful overview of his various periods and types of works. Admission is just 11 Euros and can easily be booked online in advance (recommended). There is an English language website:


It will certainly remain on my list of places to revisit in the future…


000 Picasso 1A photo of one of the upper floors in the Picasso Museum.

000 Picasso 2The stairwell inside the Picasso Museum.

000 Picasso 7Jeanne (Lying Woman) 1901, Paris.

000 Picasso 3Three Figures Under A Tree 1907 – 1908, Paris.

000 Picasso 4Man With A Guitar 1911 – 1913, Paris.

000 Picasso 5The Painter And His Model 1914, Avignon.

000 Picasso 6The Kiss 1925, Juan-les-Pins.

All photos taken in the le Musée national Picasso-Paris in May 2015 in Paris.


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