By now it must be obvious that I suffer people who drink deeply from the font (would I prefer to say cesspool?) of religious belief (no matter what persuasion) badly. Building one’s life on a foundation of superstition and unverifiable nonsense makes absolutely no sense to me. But then, this world seems to encourage people to cast their lives away into the winds of theological absurdity. Sad that…


000 layersA multi-layered profile stretching from modern times to the Roman era cleaned for documentation. Photo taken in 1998.


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4 thoughts on “LAYERS

  1. Tamara

    Yes, I try to understand and I hope to understand. To belive can be a very powerful drug, that it`s true. It is up to what you experiencend into your life so far. I think that it is important to reflect your life and to communicate with somebody you trust. Commuication is the key and a free spirit is important, so that you dont`t feel to be in a prison with your thougts. Stagnaton is a way into prison……

    I hope you understand what I mean, because english is not my mother language.

  2. Tamara

    I understand your point of view in your position. Working, digging, digging bones, gold, whatever. Interesting history things. But the life, in this monent, is different. Belive, belive in the universe, god or whatever can make it more pleasent….in a way….today a good friend of mine died and it helps to believe in positive things, the universe, good moments…..and so on….I think the believe helps us and gives us a strong feeling for going on in our daily live.

    I think – to believe – is important…

    • No, I don’t think that you truly understand my position. It has nothing to do with digging up “gold” and everything to do with what you believe. Belief is a very strong drug. If one believes in things that can be scientifically verified as being true, then belief becomes a powerful tool. But if one surrenders to belief alone, and only believes things to be true without critical analysis and examination, when one embraces belief as an absolute truth within itself, then a deception ensues that becomes a powerful opiate, dumbing down critical thinking and the ability to see and approach things realistically and rationally. Belief then becomes, not a fountain of knowledge, but a murky cesspool of stagnation and false truths…

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