Glaciers are melting, the climate has changed, species are being exterminated and the rape of the environment in the name of the all holy god of profit goes on unabated. And what are Americans really concerned about? Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, condemning gay marriage, the Kardashian sisters’ new reality show, driving their SUV one block to get to the Wal-Mart and stuffing their fat faces with junk food. Over half the country’s citizens are pathetic, bigoted and ignorant fools (you know, the ones who elect those wonderful Tea Party tinheads to Congress) who will end up groveling in a sea of their own feces when the shit hits the fan. And they will certainly reap what they have sown and deserve everything they get…and I, for one, will laugh at their fate and weep for the world they have destroyed…


000 the very last bunblebeePhoto taken in the Zitadelle Moat Nature Preserve in April 2010.


© 2015 nightpoet all rights reserved

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