The great human folly…the delusion that just believing in something makes it the truth…


000 not everPhoto taken at the foot of the Taunus mountains in March 2010.


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4 thoughts on “NOT EVER

  1. Tamara

    The comments which are shown here between us, are not shown in the right order of comments. I am not a christian or member in a church, but I believe in humane sense which makes life more pleasant. For me a big human factor is to keep humour and to take things not to serious. I just want to enjoy the years on our planet earth.

  2. Civilizations and societies since the beginning of human development have conned people into believing in and hoping for a better life in a non-existent afterworld instead of teaching them to invest their energies in the world and the life that they live in now. What a despicable foul way to mislead people, to sap their potential and their promise in the sham that once you no longer exist things will be so much better. That people are blind to this scam and buy into to it lock, stock and barrel speaks volumes for the stupidity, gullibility and absurdity of the human race and its inability to deal with fact, reason and the objective comprehension of what reality really is. As supposedly intelligent beings we have our brief moments of awareness, but when seen as a whole and from the perspective of all human history, we are a pathetic failure as cognitive, rational and comprehending creatures. We are chained forever to the slavery of blind belief and locked in the stocks of superfluous superstition. The majority of human beings on this planet make a conscious choice to be ignorant, to remain thus and willingly CHOOSE to delude themselves into the numbness of nescience….

  3. Tamara

    I like it. Many persons can feel angels in their hearts. And that feels good.

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