Breakfast March 28 2015


Good morning and welcome once again to another edition of Breakfast On The Blog. This morning an excursion into an uninteresting seasonal event. In the fall one puts snow tires on the car, come spring one takes them off. I do sort of the same with my beard…




Since I always wear long sleeve turtleneck t-shirts during the cold months, letting my beard grow out helps keep my neck and throat warm. Thus, I don’t have to wear a scarf, which, with long hair, always seems a more of a nuisance than it’s worth. Today it is cold, cloudy, wet and miserable here and the prognosis is for more of the same the rest of this week. But, still, it is time for the change into the spring and summer version of my whiskers, which, other than me drawing attention to the more than obvious (to me) difference in my appearance with the photos here today, always goes completely unnoticed by my friends and working colleagues. It seems to be a change of appearance that only I am aware of, sort of like taking the BMW Z3 out on a cruise and rolling down the convertible top on the first warm sunny day in spring, with no one else noticing because they’re all too busy texting while they’re driving. And, well, since I don’t own a beautiful fast and sporty BMW Z3 to go cruising in with the top down, I suppose that I’ll just have to settle for being ignored about the adjustment in beard length…


000 Before And AfterThe before and after self portraits at the end of March 2015.


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