It is an old photograph, probably taken sometime between 1900 and 1910, of five men, most likely soldiers, inside the Zitadelle fortifications in Mayence, Germany. The man in the white uniform is obviously overseeing the work of the other four individuals. They are seated around a work table fitted with some sort of a large metal box. Upon the table are two wash tubs. All of them are staring directly at the photographer and his camera. Once again here is an example of a brief moment in time that, in a photograph, has preserved lives long lost and forgotten and served to inspire new thoughts and words…


000 faces frozen foreverDetail of a photo taken in the Zitadelle fortifications in Mayence, Germany between 1900 and 1910.

Lmmz Zitadelle (9) Bick aus suedl. Graben AThe original photograph, a view taken in the southern section of the moat.


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  1. Gelliescent

    You are the treasure, for bringing to light worldly art we would otherwise never, ever see. You make me, I am positive others, feel as though we are there with you. A thank you is not sufficient.

    • Thank you Gelliescent! For me it is simply that there is something new to see, to experience and to learn every single day. I have never been bored for even a minute in my life. The word is not in my dictionary…

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