I spent most of yesterday photographing three graves that had been cleaned and prepared, and this afternoon documenting the profile that is behind me. A few days ago I posted two self-portraits taken in an antique shop’s window.  Seeing as how I had a few free minutes after I had completed today’s photos, I decided to do a quick self-portrait on the site. Sensational finds and information are still coming to light in the church, things being  interesting enough that tomorrow the head of the Evangelical Church in Germany is coming for a visit to the excavation. I will have to document tomorrow’s event too. Research from the ongoing excavation has established that the church is some 250 years older than previously thought, moving its first phase of construction back into the 7th century and making it one of the most important churches still standing north of the Alps.


000 Self PortraitPhoto taken in March 2015.


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  1. Your own image really adds impact to your story!

    • Thanks Carol. I’ve been doing this kind of work for the last 28 years. Every now and then I’ll toss in a photo of me at a site, but usually taken by someone else…

      • Seeing you in your work arena, appearing so confident yet appealing, is a great treat!

      • Thanks again Carol. I’m not so sure about the appealing part, but I certainly have enjoyed my work over the years…

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