NOVEMBER 14, 1927 – MARCH 10, 2005


It’s difficult for me to realize that it has been ten years since my father passed away. The time is slipping by so fast. In the ensuing years I have often posted on social media and here on this blog small remembrances, on his birthday, on Father’s Day or Veteran’s Day. Today I would just like to celebrate his memory with a short poem that I hope does a little justice to the wonderful human being he was. I would like to think that the world was a better place for his being in it. I know for certain that mine was…


000 captain bobCaptain Bob at the wheel of his United States Army Corps of Engineers’ boat in the harbour in Norfolk, Virginia. Photo taken sometime around 1990.


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One thought on “CAPTAIN BOB

  1. Tamara

    It`s a good way to say “thank you” to the parents.
    He would be proud – I think.
    Bye the way, Norfolk is the partner city where I come from. 🙂

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