Breakfast February 21 2015


Good morning and welcome once again to another edition of Breakfast On The Blog. Today, a small excursion…




Circa four thousand six hundred years ago someone had a vision, an idea, and began a millennium long project to realize that insight. We will never know what the original purpose or intent might have been, we are only left to wonder what that motivation might have been. I have visited Stonehenge numerous times through the years, the last visit being in June 2007. I have gone there as a tourist, as a poet, as a photographer, as an archaeologist, as a festival goer and as an observer of and participant in ancient rites and rituals. I have seen the sun rise over the Heelstone on misty solstice mornings. I have observed the Stones from a distance, walked between the megaliths and looked up at their imposing height. I have touched their surfaces and felt their primeval substance. And sitting in that great circle I have slated my thirst with water from the well in Glastonbury, shared wine and food and smoked and eaten herbal substances. I have ingested sacred mushrooms and communed within my mind with all the magic and mystery one can discover in that great circle of Stones. I am not religious, or into mysticism, energy or spirits, but I participated with an open mind and absorbed all these things and found within myself what the Stones mean to me. They became a part of what I am.

There are many wonders to see in this world, far too many for most people to see more than just a few of them in their lifetimes. This one though, should you get the chance, is worth the excursion. Make sure you walk the few miles out to it from Amesbury, the nearest village, don’t drive out or take a bus. Walk along the roadside and then cross the highway into the fields with their grazing sheep and burial mounds and as you come up over the ridge and the Salisbury Plain unfolds you will see the monument in the distance, deceptively small looking, that is until you stand before the Stones themselves. You won’t regret the journey.

I see that they now require advanced booking. Sigh. The times they are a changin’. Information can be found here:


000 Great Gray StonesPhotograph taken at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom in June 2007.


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  1. Tamara

    That sounds great, I love places which show a kind of mystery. What if the stones could tell us their story? Are you sure you listened really long enough?

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