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Well, I’ve had my breakfast and my coffee, now it’s time to have my gripe. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way? Now, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy being able to use WordPress as a means to express myself, pursue my creativity, share my posts and connect with the millions of others also taking advantage of that opportunity. And since my paycheck and my budget are very limited, I scrape by without the premium option and without the extra storage, so I should be happy that I get all these advantages for free. Thank you WordPress, believe me, I am very grateful…but…

…of course, I’m just using a beggar’s theme format for free, so maybe what I see is not what others see if they’ve got some fancy theme installed, but it seems like almost every week WordPress foists some sort of “improvement” on its users. One week it’s the new improved statistics. Improved? With a cloned Windows 8 anemic colour scheme that makes me long for some really innovative and improved colours, the new stats show less information and simply looks horrible. Now I wouldn’t touch Windows 8 with a ten foot pole, but somehow those atrocious colours creep in all over the Internet. To me the whole new design of the stats page looks very sterile and flat, its simplicity is not an improvement, but rather like taking one step forward and two steps back. And then there’s the “now there’s an easier way to create on! Switch to the improved posting experience.” Once again, I have to ask, improved? What was wrong with the old one? Why did it even need “improvement?” Seemed just fine to me. I still click on the link that takes me back to the old format, and will until they take it away.

Then one day I sign in, I post and then I want to sign out. Oops, now where’s that sign out link gotten to? Goodness me, it’s slid up to the top of the drop down window. Did I miss some sort of notice saying that things were going to change? As far as I can tell, no one said anything. And then on the blue “My Sites / Reader” page that opens up after signing in, I can’t even sign out. I have to access My Site or the WP Administrator first. That’s one I don’t comprehend.  I never have understood why sites such as this, or Facebook etc, don’t just have a nice easy accessible button to sign out with. I suppose that they don’t want to make it easy for you to sign out so you’ll stay logged in all the time and they can continue to track your information. No thanks. I don’t need that. I log out of everything. Always. Yeah, I know, it’s all designed to make it convenient for i-Phones and i-Pads, where people never log out. My desire to be continually connected just doesn’t go that far.

Up at the top of the dashboard it used to say “nitepoetry,” and I could click on that and directly access my site. Suddenly last week it said My Sites, and now I have to drop down a window and hit View Site. That’s an improvement? Might be if you have umpteen sites, but then I assume that you had to drop down a window to reach all of them before anyway. I only have this one site and with just one site it’s not much of an improvement, it’s just an extra step that makes no sense.

I have always thought that “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Why can’t these sites set a format up and then leave it alone for a while. You get used to using something, its familiarity becomes comfortable and then, without warning, out of the blue recesses of the geek development department comes one “improvement” after another. I guess these folks have nothing better to do all day long than to dream up all these changes. They’re probably afraid of losing their jobs if the don’t “produce.” If you insist on having to change things, why not just warn everyone about what’s coming and then change the whole thing at once. That’s a whole lot easier to deal with than these piecemeal weekly disruptions. Of course, I would imagine that the majority of WordPress users either like the changes or couldn’t care less one way or the other and that I’m just the odd dolt out, complaining about nothing important. So be it. I do my best to roll with the changes, but then having to live with them I’m going to gripe. Now then, where’s my second cup of coffee…?



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  1. I agree completely. The old way of posting was far better. And now I rarely check stats – can’t find what I want. They change it because they can, not because it needs it.

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