Stormy gray skies greeted me as I left my acupuncture appointment late this afternoon. The trees waved their long bony fingers in rhythm with the gusts of wind as the clouds swam in swift ribbons overhead. Down along the river the quick brown murky water was rising as the weekend’s precipitation filtered down from the mountains, pushing the streams and tributaries over their banks in a swirling foaming cascade. More rain sat in the distance on the horizon. You could feel it approaching. The temperature has been like two kids on a seesaw, up, down, up, down, up, down, but altogether much too warm for this time of year.

Today was very mild, spring-like, with temperatures around 12° Celsius (53.6° Fahrenheit). I mean, damn, it’s the middle of January, I’m in a European country and in the city where I work, the parallel 50° north runs right through the center of town. It’s not supposed to be that warm here in the winter. We haven’t had a normal winter in this area for years. The other day I was reading that last year was the warmest year here since they began keeping records. The average temperature reading in 2014 was 10.3° Celsius (50.5° Fahrenheit), the highest average temperature of any year since they began keeping those meteorological records in 1881. I have lived here for over 30 years and I have never seen the weather as unstable and extreme as it is now. We have been belted by one low pressure system after another with hurricane strength winds, with warmer high pressure systems slipping in between, now for the last few weeks. Think what you will, it’s simply not normal. I’m afraid all those folks wearing those little pointed tin foil hats and denying global climate change are going to have their children and grandchildren spitting on their graves in disgust…

000 Dark CloudsPhoto taken in 2009.


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