Once again the latest conference on climate change and global warming has only produced more empty hot air rhetoric and no comprehensive and feasible plan for taking responsibility to lower CO2 emissions. Nations continue to argue over their individual commitments and fail to comprehend that it is EVERYONE’S equal responsibility to do something. Humankind, in this instance, can’t see the forest for the trees. It is already too late to reverse the damage that has been done up until now. Future generations, given that there are any, will look back upon us in disgust and condemnation for our failure to take comprehensive immediate action to reduce the levels of CO2 pollution. But our actions are typical for humanity in that we always act without considering the eventual consequences until they overwhelm us. It is a lesson of history we have never learned and it will be our undoing. We should be ashamed of ourselves, but then, there is no money in that. This often cited quote is only all too true, as we continue to put greed, profit and the adulation of money above all that really matters in life.

“Only when the last tree is cut,

the last fish is caught,

and the last river is polluted;

when to breathe the air is sickening,

you will realize then, too late,

that you cannot eat money…”

~ Cree Indian Proverb ~

000 Earth Day 3Photo courtesy of NASA.


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One thought on “FIVE BEFORE TWELVE

  1. Joni

    Couldn’t agree more, Erik. I am sickened by it all, and worry about future generations. I can only pray that there are more and more people waking up and “behind the scenes” are working to turn it around. It will take a Herculean effort to swamp the big money ass*$&#@ but, because of who I am, I have to have a modicum of belief that it’s not too late. After all, my kids might have kids…….

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