Today I offer something light for your Saturday afternoon and evening. A good while back the city completely redid the street I live on. They tore up the old cobblestones and the sidewalks, laid down a new lane of pavement, new stone surfaced sidewalks, and combined parallel parking spaces on one side of the street with slanted parking on the other. And then they planted 11 hazel nut trees in front of the apartment buildings. There is one right in front of my two living room windows, whose branches now almost reach my balcony. Not too long afterward, once the trees had grown up and filled out a bit, the squirrels moved in. Understandable, since the abundant supply of hazel nuts would keep them fat and happy. Now, along with the two types of pigeons, the flocks of ravens and the martens that frequent my street, I have these red squirrels for neighbours with whom to chat when I go out on my balcony. When it stays really cold they hibernate in their twig nests, but when it warms up a bit, they are back out and about, chattering away and scarfing down the nuts. It’s nice to have these beautiful creatures as neighbours…


000 SquirrelOne of my friendly neighbours visiting near my balcony. Photo taken in February 2012.


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