I love the American sense of Justice. Snowden gets branded a traitor for telling the truth, but it’s okay if a Congressional Committee does the exact same thing . Meanwhile these two bastards are still running around free. Hang your collective heads in shame America, the travesty and hypocrisy are UNBELIEVABLE. In a Moral and Just nation these two individuals would be behind bars with no hope of parole. Of course though, what else can you expect? This is America, where Justice and Morality are bought and sold to the highest bidder…

000 Yeah, Right


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  1. Restoring America’s values my ass…

  2. nannus

    I must say I have difficulties understanding the dominant American “moral”.
    Americans start an impeachment against a president who lied about a love affair (that I would regard as not being the public’s business, but something in his and his families private life).
    But no trace of an impeachment against another president who starts a war based on lies, orders torture, damages the democratic institutions of his country and the UN…
    It is easy to say they are crazy, but that does not explain it. I would actually like to understand what thought processes lead to this way of thinking. Wie ticken diese Amerikaner? (One of the German expressions I don’t know how to translate into English).

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