My archaeological profession usually presents me with a lot of opportunities to move up. As one can see here. Of course, this small scaffold is nothing compared to back in the days when I was actively doing field work. Then things were even better. How can I forget climbing up six or seven stories on one of those construction crane towers and then hanging precariously over the edge to photograph a site. Or bouncing around with camera and tripod 25 meters up in the basket of a cherry picker over a freshly cleaned and prepared surface thinking that any minute you, the arm, the basket and the truck they’re attached to are all going to tip over. With an added extra thrill when it was windy. Oh well, someone’s got to do it. It’s all in a day’s work and anything in the name of science…

000 Johannis 1

000 Johannis 2Both photos were taken in November 2014 during the documentation of the excavation of the second oldest church in Germany, the Johanniskirche in Mainz. Research currently underway has shown that the church’s beginnings date back to the 6th century A.D. The excavation, underway since 2012, will continue until January 2015.


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