…After arriving in the late afternoon they made love in the small hacienda of a banana plantation on a volcanic island off the west coast of Africa. She lay on the bed, her breasts delicately rouged in the soft pink colour that comes with arousal, slowly spreading like a tropical sunrise as it paints the morning clouds. Her nipples hardened with anticipation, with hunger for the touch and then begging the suckle. As he lay beside her, he moved his fingers in a dilatory dance down her zaftig thigh, a slow sensuous delicate waltz designed to prolong that first slip into fluid ecstasy as long as possible. And when the nectar overflowed and he finally hove into port at high tide, she leaned her head back sighed over and over again, “What are you doing to me, what are you doing?” And he thought to himself as he drove in a little harder, a little deeper with each slow thrust, “We shall see, we shall see…”

~ excerpt from an unpublished manuscript 2014


000 We Shall SeePhoto taken in November 1991 (in the late afternoon in the hacienda on the island).


© 2014 nightpoet all rights reserved

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