If, as many scientists, physicists and atheists believe, our universe is a creation that is the result of spontaneous, random chance and not due to the plan of some “divine” omniscient being, does not that make the beauty and the wonder of all that we see and experience around us even more incredible, mysterious and unbelievable? That which is planned can have no mystery, no spontaneity; it is laid out according to structure from which there is no deviation. That is not what life or the universe reveals to us. The universe is overflowing with mystery. In everything there is paradox, change and a ruthless energy filled with a random abandon. As I always say, when you delve deep enough into the physics, things are and they are not. What makes life magical and fills it with beauty and creativity is the total absence of  what I call “static quo,” that things are constant with little room for change. The ancients were very wise, for they saw early on that there are really only two truths in life and they expressed them in two simple concepts:  everything changes and these things too shall pass…


000 line, form and beautyPhoto of a seagull taken in the Bay of Naples off the coast of Ischia, Italy in 1996.


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One thought on “LINE, FORM AND BEAUTY

  1. Interesting post and good remarks I enjoyed it!Great ❤
    Keep up the good work!

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