I took a walk today. It was a beautiful sunny cool fall day. My path led me along an old familiar route that I always had taken when I walked with my dog. I wanted to see how much had changed over the last three years. Not much had. It was a walk through neighbourhoods and across fields and through the woods. One thing was different though. Today my dog, Jalk, was not with me.

Three years ago on this day, just ten days short of his twelfth birthday, my best friend and constant companion passed peacefully into the realm of nothingness. He had been a faithful accompanying partner from the first day he came into my life in July 2001. He was then a year and a half old and had already had quite a chaotic life behind him. But he was a highly intelligent dog who had gone through a very rigid training program as a security guard dog. He obeyed without question or hesitation, was an excellent walker and, like most German Shepherds, had a fairly good stubborn streak. There was never a day in our time together when he didn’t give me all the joy and the love that only a dog can bestow. His leaving left a void that, although it recedes with the passing of the years, will never be filled. It is a shame that nature didn’t grant dogs a longer lifespan. They touch our lives and our hearts all too briefly on our journey through. I will always miss him as anyone misses a wonderful companion. Today, on this day when everything changed, I celebrate his life. The love and the memories never fade…

000 Jalk Portrait 1Jalk. October 15th 1999 – October 5th 2011. The portrait is from a photo taken in the garden I had rented for him to enjoy out on the edge of town in the Autumn of 2006.

000 Erik Jalk 1As I was always behind the camera, I took thousands of photos of Jalk over the years. This is one of only two that were taken of him and I together. Photo taken in late Summer 2001.

000 Jalk EarlyThis is an early photo of Jalk, still young and slender, just after I got him and before he slowly turned gray over the years along with his owner. Photo taken in Summer 2001.


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