After posting about good food in Paris, I have to give this issue equal time. And I can only say that Monsanto is poisoning the world, especially the United States, wiping out and enslaving  the small farmers and opening a Pandora’s Box of unknown, untested genetic nightmares. At least in Europe they’ve had the sense to either ban Monsanto’s GMOs or require labeling. In fact, companies and farmers in the European Union take pride in advertising that their products are NOT genetically altered. In the United States it seems that people just stand by and watch as Monsanto serves them ever larger portions of genetically mutated poisonous food and blatantly bribes and buys members of Congress to pass laws allowing them to patent natural processes and operate without any kind of serious regulation. Remember one simple truth. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT…

000 Monsanto FoodPhoto by March Against Monsanto. Poster by Nightpoet.


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