When I am in Paris I love to walk. When I am in a hurry, have to go a considerable distance or when I am weighed down with heavy bags of books or CDs, only then do I utilize my bus pass and hop on a bus. I rarely ever use the Metro. You don’t really see anything when you take the Metro. Well, that’s not completely true, sometimes the passengers are very interesting to observe. The Metro does run above ground in some areas, but then you are moving too fast to take things in with any worthwhile comprehension. You see so much more of Paris when riding on one of the many bus lines. But you really see Paris when you become the Flâneur and leisurely wander down the Boulevards and the side streets and alleyways. In my wanderings off the beaten path I often come across wonderful curious things that create lasting impressions and memories. Some of these are good and some of them are, well, let’s just say interesting. You see, hear and experience a Paris that few tourists ever get near because they are too busy spending their time standing for hours on lines to the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. There have even been rumours that the Mona Lisa that they flock in droves to see is not actually the original portrait, but a copy. Supposedly after a number of incidents where people tried to harm the painting, the original now resides protected somewhere in a safe. But naturally, these are only rumours. According to all the sources I’ve checked, the portrait on display is the original painting. But I digress.

On one of my wanderings down the side alleyways between the Rue Monge and Rue Mouffetard I happened across this incredible fish. The intricate lines and patterns are even more astounding when one realises that the illustration is done in white chalk. This particular work is also interesting because it is done on a blue background. Most of this artist’s other works are done on a black or grey background, which naturally contrasts and highlights the white chalk. The artist is Philippe Baudelocque, a well known French street artist who creates his artwork not only in Paris but in other French cities as well. I will talk a bit more about him in my next post as I chanced to come across him one afternoon while he was working. Below this photo is another one of his creations that I saw on a side street in the 5th arrondessment. The other graffiti to the right of the fish is also has its merits, the figure of Ian Anderson is almost life size, and when seen in context with the acoustic bassist Willie Dixon and the sitting Jimi Hendrix in the third and fourth photos on this post, a variety of street art styles can be observed.


Photo of a fish drawn in chalk by Philippe Baudelocque, a French street artist taken in May 2012.

Baudelocque 3

Here is another intricate work by French street artist Philippe Baudelocque.

Baudelocque 5

Next to Baudelocque’s fish, the street art depicts Ian Anderson, Willie Dixon and Jimi Hendrix.

Baudelocque 6

This gives a better frontal view of the previous photo, but leaves Ian Anderson hiding around the corner. Hendrix’s speech balloon reads “Zozo I’m the best.”

All photos taken in May 2012.


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