In my previous post on this blog I talked about walking around the summit of Vesuvius before I ended up wandering around Pompeii. I said that the view from the crater rim across the Bay of Naples was incredible. When I look st this photo, taken from the summit, I don’t think that I was exaggerating. The island on the horizon in the center of the photo is Ischia. The green area, just a bit back from the coastline and slightly to the right of center is the Roman town of Herculanum, which was covered with ash and lava when the volcano erupted on the afternoon of August 24th 79 AD. Today it is no longer directly on the shoreline as it was in Roman times because the coast has changed over the centuries. Pompeii, not visible from this angle, would be to the left of the volcano in this photo and much further back from the shoreline. As one can see, the coastline along the Bay of Naples is heavily populated. Another eruption on the scale of the one in 79 AD would be devastating…


Photo taken from the crater of Mt. Vesuvius, Italy during a visit in 1996.


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