Long ago and far away…

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3 thoughts on “BARKE

  1. That is a very moving and poignant poem Sharon. Thank you very much…

  2. Sharon Horton

    Full Flowering

    I am the pear tree, just finished blooming.
    I will drop my hard, flawed fruit
    Upon your unyielding ground again:
    The best of my branches, the hope of my season;
    Again, to be raked into bags as unworthy,
    Until the spring that I stand unflowered.
    As surely as my pears are taken from me,
    I am also taken from my pears. I shall not see fruit,
    Safe below my branches, taking root.
    And none now shall flourish in my place when I am gone.

    Sharon Horton

    Long ago & far away. A tale of children, their step-father, and my hidden fury. The pear tree lived in the back yard, until it finally had to be cut down because it was endangering other, more valuable trees. The kids and I are all right now.

  3. cheri

    The ‘no one left to know my life’…really resonates. Three leaves–that too.

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