“Growing older? Hogwash!”

“Growing older? Hogwash!” remarked Hatter, “No, no, you don’t grow older, you grow vegetables or roses. It’s just the very complicatedly simple matter that time never ‘passes,’ but exists everywhere at once and since time moves in all directions at once, it never really passes in any one direction, so you never really grow older or younger, thinner or wider, up or down or in or out. You see, time doesn’t pass, it plops. Just moves right on in and plops on down. And there it sits, all fat and satisfied, not moving in all directions at once. And what do people try to do? Measure it! Really? Take its temperature. Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous! Absurd! And celebrate a birthday? Hah! It makes much more sense to celebrate an unbirthday. There are so many more of them!” Hatter had worked himself into a terrible tizzy. Once again Alice didn’t quite know what to think. He looked so funny, all puffed up with himself and with his hat dangling precariously at an angle. But then, after some thought, Alice decided that Hatter probably was right. It made much more sense to celebrate an unbirthday and that growing vegetables or roses certainly was better than growing older, which you could not pick, nor eat, nor put in a vase…

wiesbaden, germany     november 13th 2011


© 2014 nightpoet all rights reserved

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